Voluma XC

What is Juvederm Voluma XC?

In October of 2013, the FDA approved Juvederm Voluma XC, a hyaluronic-acid (HA) based volumizing filler.  Voluma contains a modified hyaluronic acid (HA) derived from a naturally occurring complex sugar.  Voluma is specifically designed to correct age-related volume loss in the mid-face (cheek area).  Voluma has been used for many years outside the U.S., first introduced in Europe in 2005 and now is available in 72 countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and Canada.   

How does Juvederm Voluma XC work?  

As we age, tissues in the cheek lose volume.  This causes the cheeks to deflate and the skin to sag, creating deep nasolabial folds and that jowly look that so many of us see in the mirror.  Voluma has been designed to provide the extra lift capacity needed to correct this volume loss and rejuvenate the cheek.  It is injected under the skin with a small needle.  It helps create a more youthful appearance for the face and provides natural-looking results which can last up to two years with optimal treatment.  Voluma is ideal for the cheeks because it is extremely smooth and has a great lift capacity.

What are common side effects of Voluma? 

Side effects are moderate (uncomfortable) and generally last 2 to 4 weeks. The most common side effects include temporary reactions at the treatment site such as tenderness, swelling, firmness, lumps/bumps, bruising, pain, redness, discoloration, and itching.

For full safety information, please visit http://www.juvederm.com/Views/.

How do I schedule a consultation with Dr. Chopra for Juvederm Voluma XC?   

If you have any questions regarding Juvéderm Voluma Injections, or wish to schedule a consultation, please call Dr. Chopra's office at (310) 858-1787.  Selected by Allergan for his skill and expertise in facial aesthetics and for his ability to effectively demonstrate optimal results with Voluma, Dr. Chopra is a national trainer for this new product.  Dr. Chopra is actively involved in teaching other plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and practitioners on proper injection techniques with Juvederm Voluma XC.